Month: May 2022

The Definitive Guide on Choosing Studio Microphones

You’ll come across two sorts of microphones when hunting for a live performance microphone: wired and wireless. We all know how convenient and flexible wireless microphones are, and how they may help keep a stage appearing tidy. A wired microphone,…

Family Photoshoot Singapore- Choose a Right Studio

Photoshoot with family is vital because, with the help of this, people can create some long-term memories with their family. The photo is going to stay with them forever. The family photo with perfect clicks adds to our memorable moments….

Workshop Tour to Mint – Museum of Toys for Design Thinking

Learning is a process that goes on for your lifetime and doesn’t stop even when you are out of school. You can get a head start on the ever-going process of learning with educational design thinking workshops. A workshop tour is…