Museum of Toys

Workshop Tour to Mint – Museum of Toys for Design Thinking

Learning is a process that goes on for your lifetime and doesn’t stop even when you are out of school. You can get a head start on the ever-going process of learning with educational design thinking workshops. A workshop tour is an experience you can use to learn something new and sometimes even better.

Many cannot differentiate between lectures, tutorials, and workshops and consider all of them the same. However, there are significant differences between them. Here you will know what workshops are. In these, the teacher or the presenter presents topic-related themes to enhance the knowledge base of the students and make learning interesting. It also involves discussions in groups and practical experiments to have a better understanding.

How are workshop tours beneficial?

There are many benefits of workshop tours you can also gain, including the ones listed below:

  • Skills for verbal communication

When you tell about new ideas or your views, you often face difficulties. Workshops help individuals to communicate better through group discussions and many more methods.

  • Acquire knowledge in a particular field

Workshops enable you to meet experts and professionals in an area. The attendees of the workshop can enhance their knowledge of that particular field and get interested in that.

  • Mind opener

Workshops are mind openers for many and broaden the minds of individuals to see new ideas and perspectives. It helps them to create new ideas that lead to small inventions.

Mint – Museum of Toys hosts educational design thinking workshop tour in partnership with First Media Design School, which specializes in design education. The partnered series of conducting workshops use the collectibles and toys in the Mint – Museum of Toys to make the attendees familiar with the principles of design thinking while discovering the history, arts, and multi-racial culture, of Singapore and the world once again.

How does design thinking apply to toys?

Design thinking involves considering the needs and profile of the user while designing or creating a product. You must have heard the term in modern fields like computer design and technology, but you might be wondering how design thinking applies to toys.

Even the smallest and simplest toys are made keeping the users in mind. After all, the needs of a teenager and an infant are different, and so are their toys. The educational workshops make use of the toys and collectibles to focus on and explore the following key themes:

  • Representation of culture in art
  • Fusion of different art styles
  • Visual storytelling
  • Vision for the future

The learners can know about how the simplest toys have the most intriguing ideas hidden in them. The workshops help in developing self-expression and creativity. You can be a part of Mint by registering for free and getting regular updates on the upcoming programs and exhibitions.